Tots & Preschool Dance

Tots & Preschool Dance

Tots and Pre school

Inspiring your child’s Imagination through Dance, Song & Play! We will guide your dancer through sequences and combinations that will grasp their love of dance and encourage their confidence and creativity. These classes will use our fun and engaging class structure to enhance their enthusiasm and stimulation.

The preschool years are crucial in your little one’s development. Our classes focus on the further physical development of your child through dance, in combination with the use of imaginative storytelling. These classes are more than just dancing – it also gives children the chance to learn valuable skills by responding positively to both the teacher and the other children in the class.



  • Lena Wiklund Lorimer
  • Lena Wiklund Lorimer

    Lena is thrilled to share her professional skills and experiences with her dance & music students at Hetta Studio of Dance & Music. Her goal is to inspire and support young dancers and enrich the community through dance and music.

    Lena Wiklund Lorimer is originally from Winnipeg Manitoba. There she trained at several well-received dance schools such as The Royal Winnipeg Ballet and The Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers. After graduating from both programs she continued her dance and music education at the Sheridan College’s Music Theatre program. She has trained with such names as Linda Garneau, Jeff Dimitrio, Marie Barron, and Diana Reis as well as many other great teachers.

    Lena is the founder and choreographer of her own dance company since  2013 called Hetta Dance Company.

    Hetta Dance Company’s mission is to provide Ontario with something that she feels is missing, “dance theatre”! Bringing together those involved in the performing arts and those who may not be in the industry, to experience the power of storytelling through dance in a new light.

    With her background in ballet, modern and jazz, Artistic Director and Choreographer Lena has produced a style of movement that is technically stunning and artistically moving. Lena’s unique style captures the way we understand the human condition and the beauty of the ephemeral through narratives. These concepts become something that everyone can identify with.

  • Francesca Bronk ARAD
  • Francesca Bronk ARAD

    Francesca is diligent in her desire to stay current for her students, including staying current in the newest contemporary classes and is up to date with courses offered through the Royal Academy of Dance Canada.

    Francesca is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate of Teaching Studies. She has been active and involved in both the global dance community including, freelancing in Malawi, Japan, and Italy and recently creating and teaching a “Drama for Dancers” intensive in Oahu, Hawaii.

    Along with her love of and training in ballet, she has expanded beyond dance itself to being cast in musical productions and most recently, a short film produced by Lexion Films.

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