Why Choose Dance?

7 Reasons

The Importance of Dance in Your Child’s Life

1. Dance classes promote fitness for a lifetime!

Dancers are able to transition their skills from dance class to so many other fitness arenas. Dance also provides the necessary daily physical fitness recommendations of most healthcare professionals. Promoting physical fitness as being fun from a young age, creates an excellent foundation for future lifelong health and fitness.


2. Confidence, high self-esteem, and personal expression

Dance is a great way to connect emotionally with an audience and other people. Throughout Hetta’s dance classes, expression, smiling and reflection will be promoted. This creates a healthy environment in which students can express their feelings in a productive manner while learning to control their emotions.


3. Lifelong friendships and bonding

In the world of dance lifelong friends and bonds are fostered through dance training. A bond formed in the studio serves as a vital support system for dancers, and they can actually aid in building a child’s self-esteem inside and outside of the studio. As a result of working in a team, partner and solo performances, we develop comfort in working independently, as a team player and gain inspiration from peers.


4. Discipline and Focus

Students learn that it takes hard work and sweat to achieve their goals and dreams. They will experience challenges in their dance classes, just as people experience challenges in their life. From retaining choreography to setting and achieving goals, dancers will feel success at such a young age.  Their work ethic in the dance studio spills over to their schooling and other activities.


5. Flexibility of the body and mind

Students will not only gain and expand their physical flexibility but also mentally as they learn to control their energy and bodies in their full range of motion. By the age of 11, most people are the most flexible they will ever be, so it is important to start stretching at a young age.


6. Creativity and imagination

Dancers will work on creating shapes and movements through imagination and exploration. Combining dance technique with the art of expression gives students the necessary tools to express their feelings through movement. They develop creative skills as they are encouraged to explore the different qualities of movement in relation to space, time, force, and flow. As they explore, they become aware of their different body parts and how they can move them, discover new ways of moving, create designs, and express feelings. This is beneficial to all aspects of life, creating endless opportunities for future development.


7. Posture and poise

The elegant posture that naturally results from dance training creates an immediate impression of competence and character. Each person trained in dance gains a harmony of body and mind that creates this unconscious grace. As our dance students continue on in their training, they further gain a discipline that helps guide actions in every other area of life.


Lastly but not least, JOY!

The number one rule in dance class is to have fun. As in life, if you can’t find happiness in what you do it’s hard to build compassion and persistence. Dancers will feel the freedom of expression, meet new friends and reap the rewards of dance training!  Dance is a form of communicating, connecting, increasing confidence, fitness, coordination, balancing the mind, releasing tension and best of all, it’s fun!  Who wouldn’t want their children to dance?!

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